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Kanger MT3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc

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Kanger MT3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc

Kanger MT3-S: The Kanger MT3-S is an eGo bottom coil clearomizer with 2.2 ohm coil with metal jacket and clear mouthpiece. Single Pc.

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New Version 
Kanger MT3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc
Huge Vapor and Flavor
This clearomizer holds approximately 3ml of liquid.
The clearomizer produces large amounts of vapor and has a very clean long lasting taste. 

How to refill the e-liquid:

1. Hold the T3 clearomize upside down
2. Unscrew the bottom coil
3. Pour ejuice into the tube
4. Screw the bottom coil back on the MT3-S clearomizer

When unscrewing the MT3-S clearomizer from the battery, please do NOT turn only the tube, this will cause the bottom coil to separate from the tank and cause the e-liquid to leak out.
Please turn the bottom coil and make sure the tube and bottom coil do not separate.

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

Customer Reviews

Review by Chris Channell
hit well!!! I wish it held more juice. Nice!!!
Chris Channell (Posted on Aug 26, 2014)
Review by Jason Constant
I can't imagine being more pleased with a product. Everything is as advertised and having dabbled with e-cigs before there is no comparison. The quality is top notch and as others have mentioned as long as you follow the instructions it will work flawlessly. After a few weeks with the product I'm ready to order a second tank for myself and a full setup for my brother. Great product!
Jason Constant (Posted on Feb 09, 2014)
Review by Jim Young
This is a great product for my Ego batteries. I did make the mistake of over tightening the parts a couple of times and caused my own problems. Once I got over that mistake, I use nothing but Kanger bottom coil products. For my Mods, I use their Pro Tanks when I'm not in a convenient location to drip. Don't smoke! Vape instead...
Jim Young (Posted on Jul 26, 2013)
Review by Bradley Shirer
I have tried many different types of tanks. Some good and some not so good. But the Kanger MT3 tank? Hands down one of the best tanks I have ever used!
I have been waiting for this tank to come back in stock ever since I used my brother-in-laws about a month ago. Finally became in stock and I ordered one as fast as I could and I am extremely satisfied with this tank.
Smooth hit with lots of vapor. Easy to fill and refill so long as you know what you are doing. No leaks and no complaints.
I highly recommend this tank to anyone and everyone that can use eGo tanks. Money well spent and the replacement coils are cheap.
Bradley Shirer (Posted on Jun 07, 2013)
Review by Tim Vennum
This is the best new product to hit the vaping market period. This vapes as good as anything out there for less money and less hassle. Easiest to clean and change heads. If you hear reports of these leaking it's only because people are sucking too hard. The MT3 has a very light draw that produces lots of vape with very little effort. Also start with less voltage than you usually use. Then work up your voltage gradually. And most importantly don't suck too hard or it will flood. Once you figure that out it is the best performing, best vape you can get.
Tim Vennum (Posted on Jun 05, 2013)
Review by Richard Grover
The best atty on the market. I was happy with what I was using or I thought I was till I tried these bottom coil kangers..... Amazing...amazing... work great on ego and hv mods
Richard Grover (Posted on May 09, 2013)
Review by Iris Morbach
Here is the problem:

If you are lucky, this clearomizer performs wonderful.
If not,it will leak badly...very badly, with no easy way to fix it.
If you are a ego user, go for the CE4+ -or the T2 CC .
Iris Morbach (Posted on Apr 19, 2013)
Review by seb0011
I flew into town on business this weekend and was happy to find Vapingzone literally looking out from my hotel window. Stopped in and after speaking with them for a bit, i ended up picking this clearo along with a few ml's of juice. I mainly run an ego twist with a modded 1.5ohm 500 mesh SS atty head or an 2ohm iclear 16 depending on my mood. Let me tell you this blows both out of the water, great flavor and can defiantly keep up with my chain vaping. Not as warm of a vape as the iclear but 100% less headache and the flavor is just about on par with the modded SS atty head. No leaks thus far and refilling seem straight forward. Vapes like a champ!! Looking forward to stopping by tomorrow and picking up a few Bottom Coil Replacements for it and getting home to mod them to SS to see the true potential of this Clearo. All in all 5 stars for the Clearo and Vapingzone. Thanks and happy vaping!
seb0011 (Posted on Apr 05, 2013)