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Kanger T3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc
Kanger T3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc
Sale price: $5.95

New Version
Kanger T3-S eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer 2.2 ohm, Single Pc
Huge Vapor and Flavor
This clearomizer holds approximately 3ml of liquid.
The clearomizer produces large amounts of vapor and has a very clean long lasting taste. 

How to refill the e-liquid:

1. Hold the T3-S clearomizer upside down
2. Unscrew the bottom coil
3. Pour ejuice into the tube
4. Screw the bottom coil back on the T3-S clearomizer

When unscrewing the T3-S clearomizer from the battery, please do NOT turn only the tube, this will cause the bottom coil to separate from the tank and cause the e-liquid to leak out.
Please turn the bottom coil and make sure the tube and bottom coil do not separate.

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

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Customer Reviews

Review by  KC Osmialowski
(posted on Apr 05, 2014)
works great. Enough room for a great Vape, and able to change flavors easily
Review by  rattlehead
(posted on Mar 21, 2014)
Great taste lots of vapor really good product
Review by  william west
(posted on Mar 05, 2014)
I had the protank 1 and using thid is like night and day love it
Review by  Lois Dean
(posted on Oct 13, 2013)
Love this clearomizer. Started with a T3 but leaked alot and and broke easily. Then went to a Nova 2 since they were no longer making the T3 (I was new to vaping and thought leaking was just something you had to deal with). Taste was too burnt for my liking. Then I found the bottom coil T3-S and MT3-S. Smooth flavor, great vapor, cool hit, and no burnt taste. Who could ask for anything more? Love, love, love the bottom coil clearomizer.
Review by  Curtis Barnette
(posted on Sep 23, 2013)
Awesome clearomizer!!!!! Upgraded from a top-fill made by ego I got in a $30 starter kit from a local headshop... For the same $ you can get this with a 1000mah passthrough(also purchased) and have a great unit.. this one does the job!!!! juices from vapingzone are great as well, taste way better than local ripoffs red tastes great
Review by  Brian Johnson
(posted on Sep 21, 2013)
Good vapor, no leakage and a mizer on juice. Don't know what more one could ask of a claro.
Review by  Jody Oakes
(posted on Aug 26, 2013)
I am going on day 9 with my Kanger T3S and am ready to review it. I am using it with the eGo-C battery, and it fits very well. I was using the Ismoka BCC mini, but there were some problems with that, that this Kanger has rectified. I seemed to be sucking up a lot of juice, and my old tank only held 1.6ml, so I decided to get this and move up to a 3ml tank. It is an airier vape, and I sometimes find myself taking a double hit when I want to inhale a lot of vapor. It took me just a couple of days to get used to the difference, but I am so glad I was patient and took the time. I am using less than HALF of the ejuice I used with my other tank. On the other one it was flooding and burning the ejuice, and was simply wasting it. With this Kanger, I still vape a lot, but instead of going through 3ml per day, I only go through about 1.8ml per day. This has been consistent from day 1. I am on day nine of the original bottom coil that came in the tank, and it is still going strong. I use about 35%vg and 65%pg. I am so happy I switched. I use this for everyday vaping, and am very happy with it. It doesn't leak, is very easy to fill (without overfilling) and all you have to buy to maintain it is the replacement coils, which are very inexpensive. I would recommend this for anybody.
Review by  Polky
(posted on Aug 19, 2013)
The cotton candy flavoring does not taste like cotton candy at all. It is nasty. All other flavors I have tried other than that is ok. It could be a little smoother but over they are satisfying not amazing though
Review by  jeremy sailors
(posted on Aug 19, 2013)
I have a VAMO 4 that I bought from vaping zone. Workes great with it, no leaks and a great vape. Love the flavor it allows and super easy to fill. Love the fact that all I have to by is replacement coils. Would recommend this to anyone.
Review by  Chelsea Allen
(posted on Aug 14, 2013)
Does any one know if these will screw on the Bolt Mod sold by madvapes?? I have a Vamo 4 that i bought from Vaping Zone and these kanger t3's don't work on it. So i want to find another tube mod that will fit the these kanger t3's, i love them!!!!
Review by  Brian Meyer
(posted on May 26, 2013)
Only mizer that still works out of 7 or 8 I have had
Review by  Richard Grover
(posted on May 09, 2013)
I was happy with the atties I was using. Well until I tried these bottom coil kangers... Amazing...amazing product. No leaking no wicking issues. These preform well on ego and hv mods. Worth checking them out.... glad I did
Review by  Ben Grimes
(posted on May 02, 2013)
Great vape, great if you have VV, and awesome design. BUT, one major flaw: the wick is too small (width wise) and lets in too much liquid so it leaks after about a day or so of use. The only time this is not true is if I use 100% VG or damn near it. PG drips right out.
Review by  Katie Whitmire
(posted on Apr 23, 2013)
I am in love with this product! My boyfriends mom loves to try new things from this site and always lets me know which product would be best for me to try so she told me to try these out. These clearomizers are easy to fill and the hit you get from them is so smooth and clean plus its a cool hit which I prefer. I haven't had the chance yet but I read on another site selling these that they are easy to clean so you can change the flavor. The site said just rinse the tank and the wick with warm water. I wouldn't want to change anything on these because I honestly believe they are perfect the way they are and I won't be using anything else unless they stop making these.
Review by  Jeff Herring
(posted on Feb 22, 2013)
Great product used it on the original and doubled the smoke.
Review by  Tim Vennum
(posted on Jan 24, 2013)
This is by far the best clearomizer I have used. Very good flavor and throat hit. It will only leak out the tip when filling if you get liquid in the center tube. Also I've been using one for quite a while with no leaking, none. The heads are very long lasting as I'm still using the original head after 2 weeks. If you have been using a top coil clearomizer then this will be a cooler vape, but if you cartos the vape will be similar with a cleaner flavor. Big plus this is very easy to fill.
Review by  Maximilian Maloney
(posted on Jan 18, 2013)
I own one of these. Pros: Amt of flavor and vapor is awesome. Cons:It's a bottom coil so if you are someone that needs to feel the heat it might not be for you. Leaks out of the tip when filling. Definitely worth the price compared to a tank.
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